Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1231Y2K+16 Season’s Greetings

Winter Solstice came in hard on December 21 at 4:44 AM. We had our first cold blue northerner, it blew in December 19. The folks on the hill had their night sky event December 17 at the TPML. A couple of ISS passes lit up the night sky over our portal. We viewed the ISS go by in our portal and it was “awesome”! Bright as the planet Venus, moving across the sky. Never get tired of that event. The Geminids were December 13-14, but the bright moon hid a bunch from our sky. We observed Mars and Venus on occasion in the early part of the month. And we could see Jupiter in the early morning sky. The constellation Orion dominates the early cold night sky. The Holiday ends and closes another year of observing. The Universe is a vast and awesome place.
Looking forward to next year’s discoveries!     “To infinity and beyond”