Wednesday, May 17, 2017

0517Y2K+17 My Portal

Gravity is beginning to affect my movements in my backyard portal. Population growth is beginning to interfere with my dark sky, as I watch the constellations and planets moving across my night sky. March and April have been busy with time constraints in my ability to make time and view the night sky. However there were a few items I should mention: Venus, Mars and the moon on March 1. Events on the TPML hill were March 18, and April 15. The Lyrid Meteor shower was April 22. Now that catches me up to the current month that includes these events: The Eta Aquarid Meteor shower May 4. A solar event on the TPML hill to view our sun during the day on May 13. Currently we are in solar Minimum, Forecasters expect the sunspot cycle, which swings like a pendulum between high and low sunspot number every ~11 years, to reach its nadir in 2019-2020. so good luck with that! Jupiter is King, now in Virgo during the night sky. Continue to watch the moon cross my portal.
Saturn is in Sagittarius in the early morning hours before dawn.

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