Wednesday, March 1, 2017

0228Y2K+17 Heart set on flares

The month of February was warmer than usual! There were several planet gatherings just after sunset. Missed most due to clouds. February 15th, Mars and Venus in Pisces. Saturn rising very early in Ophiuchus/Sagittarius. Jupiter rose in the east after midnight, seen in Virgo. One good meteor shower this month was on the 26th. New moon, dark sky for the Delta Leonid meteors. Comet 45P seen by some near Altair, Feb. 10, 11 with binoculars, was not seen here. Too cloudy! The Group on the hill gathered Saturday, Feb 18 to view the sky, it was clear. Seeing the Earth from L1 daily by new satellite from NOAA is awesome. I put the website on my favorites. It is at: Since the news that these may be going away….we enjoyed several Iridium Flares this month! And more to come in March! This short month went by at light speed…………..

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