Thursday, April 7, 2016

0404Y2K+16 March into April

Warmer days ahead, but we are still having cool clear nights. Canada is still pushing weaker cold air our way. Spring has brought the earth into bloom. And spring cleaning, clearing and pruning continues in earnest. The night sky has brought us some spectacular viewing of planets and the moon phases. Earth Day is April 22! TPML will have an Earth Day Event on April 23.This month, watch for the Lyrid meteor shower early mornings April 16- April 25. Peak time is April 22, 1 am Central time. But the full moon will limit observations! Mercury is in our night sky April 18 after sunset, WNW. Do not give up on Jupiter and the transits of Io and its shadow April 6 @ 8:52. Plus Europa and Ganymede also have events that night into the next morning. Keeping our fingers crossed for clear skies. Saturn is in good shape for observing, (magnitude +0.4, in the legs of Ophiuchus) rises around midnight or a bit later. The group at TPML will have the monthly star event the night of April 30. Venus is headed for a trip around the sun, look for Venus in June as an evening star.