Friday, November 4, 2016

1031Y2K+16 Patterns in the sky

In this month of October, some Constellations were sharper and bolder. 88 named Constellations in our night sky. We saw a handful this month! The folks at the TPML had the first star gazing event on the hill October 8. And this was International Observe the Moon Night. We looked for Saturn and Venus near Scorpius on the night of October 14. Mars was near Sagittarius that same night. The Orionids meteor shower, October 19 was not as good to view because of moonlight! Pegasus is high in the eastern sky. Looked SW after sunset on October 21 to view Mars, Venus and Saturn. Searched for the Star Capella near the Pleiades in a low NE night sky the last week of October. Trick or Treat! Colder, clearer nights to come………

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