Monday, October 3, 2016

09030Y2K+16 We Boldly Go Star Trekking

The month of September brought us deep space adventures. Star Trek is 50! Go here for more information. Our night sky is full of Galaxies and Planets to explore. Early morning sightings of Orion.  Venus began her evening rise in the night sky. Our area is a rock and limestone. A new subdivision is going in near us. We hear the thud pounding jackhammers chunking up limestone making roads and building sites, stirring up dust and when the lights go on, hopefully they will be night sky friendly? This month brought the County Fair and lots of traffic. Too many cloudy nights this month. The first time for the group to gather on the hill this month for star gazing, it was a wash out with rain in the area. Our first cold front brought clear skies and the planet Mercury rose in the early morning sky late this month, near a very thin Waning Crescent moon!