Sunday, February 7, 2016

0207Y2K+16 Spring just 6 weeks away

Our local Ground hog did see his shadow. This means more winter days and nights for us. Not really! This month starts off with crisp cold nights to view the planets that line up for most of this month. Days are warm enough to have an early BBQ! Enjoy the cold nights, spring is only 6 weeks away. Happy Chinese New Year! February 8. Year of the Monkey! Look early before sunrise for Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Watch these wandering stars as they walk across the sky with the moon! First of the year paper work keeps me at the desk, getting the bugs out. Finally saw “the Martian”. Another good Sci-fi movie, added to my DVD library. Continue to locate the constellation Orion and Canis Major. Jupiter is under the hind foot of Leo. Mars is in Libra. Saturn is in Ophiuchus. The folks on the hill will gather to view the night sky, Saturday, February 27. Big write up about the group in the local paper.