Tuesday, January 5, 2016

103Y2K+16 New Year, New Night Sky

The weather has turned cold and damp here in the heart of Texas. Finally winter after many warm nights the last weeks of December. New Year’s Eve was loud and loaded with the rocket’s red glare! Too cloudy to see any stars or the planets. January brings Saturn into view in the early morning sky with Venus. Starting January 4 and closer still around January 8. Look SE in Ophiuchus. Mars is near the star Spica, mid-month in the evening sky.  Jupiter makes a good target this month, look in Leo after 10pm. Orion is up and hunting in the evening after dark. Our friends up on the hill at the TPML will have the monthly stargazing gathering on January 30. We are due a few clear, cold nights this month, so enjoy the night’s sky.