Sunday, October 4, 2015

1004Y2K+15 October Skies

Finally some cooler, clearer nights! With several cold fronts moving into our backyard, the night sky should become easier to observe the planets and stars from our portals. The eclipse last month was a washout due to clouds above my backyard. We could see something going on the face of the moon, but a veil of clouds hung over the moon that night.

 A window opens this month to view the planet Uranus in the constellation Pisces. ( chart

The first weekend this month observe Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Leo before the sun comes up. Chart. Then they get real close to each other on October 16. Chart

The moon in third quarter, October 4, gave us great views along the terminator. Continue hunting those deep star objects this month in Andromeda, Pegasus, Taurus and now Orion.

Our friends up on the hill at TPML had their first Observing session for the fall season Saturday, October 3. Clear skies…….