Friday, April 3, 2015

0403Y2K+15 Green Planet, Dark Skies

Spring has turned the earth green! Trees, bushes, flowers and grass with lots of pollen floating in the air. This month starts off with a “Blood Moon” eclipse early in the morning Saturday April 4. Starts at 4am our time with a 75% coverage of the moon. If your sky is clear and you are awake, take a peak! The planet Jupiter is still the main evening target for the month, with Saturn coming in a close second, early in the morning after midnight. Saturday, April 11 is the evening event at the TPML. Luck will bring clear skies that night for the Group on the hill. By the end of the month a nice meteor shower will close out the month. The Lyrids, April 22 after midnight, look to the east for the star” Vega”, in Lyra. The quarter moon will have set for a darker sky. By the way April 22 is “Earth Day”. That great hunter, Orion is slowly setting in the west at sunset. Start at sunset and enjoy the bright stars in the west with scope or binoculars.
The folks who keep track of El Nino report that this event is beginning to form in the Pacific waters. This may mean more cloudy nights this month?