Monday, March 2, 2015

0302Y2K+15 spring forward…

I always seem to lose an hour of sleep, changing the clocks ahead March 8 at 2 am! I am just catching up on an hour lost from last fall! Maybe we can get lucky on March 14? This is a day to remember this century! On this day 3-14-15 @ 9:26:53 is the 10 digits of Pi! Good Luck and good fortune. Another date is March 20th, at 5:45pm CDT, spring begins!  Robins have been sighted! Spring is just weeks away!  Longer darkness in the morning this month. Stargazing starts later in the evenings! The Group on the hill at TPML will be hoping for a clear night Saturday, March 14. Telescopes ready!

Jupiter is my target planet this month, if we get some clear skies. Seems Winter wants to hang on for a while longer and the clouds are covering the sky…..a lot.