Sunday, November 1, 2015

1101Y2K+15 Dancing Planets

El Nino moves into November! Lots of clouds and they are forecasting a wetter month. This is the month I lose an hour, because we fall back and reset our clocks November 1. I hope to find that lost hour later next year. Venus, Jupiter and Mars continue to move about in the early morning sky. We caught sight of the star Canopus low in the SW horizon, before dawn. Saturn moves to the low horizon in the NW, evenings this month. The Leonid meteor shower is due November 17-18. Waxing crescent moon sets around 10pm, look to the NE after midnight, around 15 per hour if the skies are clear! Should be bright lit nights around Thanksgiving with a full moon the day before. Our friends on the hill at the TPML will have a go at stargazing Saturday night November 7. I continue to watch football on those cloudy nights, I will enjoy the holiday this month and hope to view the stars under clear skies.