Sunday, August 2, 2015

0803Y2K+15 Dog days and nights of summer

After the July 31st Blue Moon, I’m doing less outside, moving slower in the heat. I’m catching up on Pluto from the net. Great photos after New Horizons passed this frozen minor-planet designation: 134340 Pluto. Our nearest star is heating up my backyard! Some of the grass is turning brown and we have short; warm nights. Getting ready for this month’s Perseid shower. It is supposed to be good, with a clear sky, in the early morning hours of August 12-13. Look NE starting at 11pm, my time. I can still find Andromeda galaxy with ease, off the box of Pegasus. In a different box, lots of great Baseball at the Astro diamond, as they rocket Homers over the fence. I am watching Saturn, in Libra, beam across the horizon at a good height to view after dark. The bright star Vega, in Lyra, is at Zenith. Hercules slumbers nearby. Move down to Altair, in Aquila and you can still see the Coathanger! August is a good time to look at Sagittarius and Scorpio from my location. Summer lingers on this month while waiting for September 23rd, two lunar cycles, when temperatures begin to fall after the Autumnal Equinox arrives. Enjoy the rest of this summer, school starts August 24!