Thursday, July 2, 2015

0702Y2K+15 Clear Summer Nights, Hot Days

The clouds of spring have lingered these first summer nights in July! We missed several sky events last month because of those deep cloudy nights. The climate has changed to summer showers. The buzz of insects and humid, hot air have brought on summer. The foliage around us is green this July. The Rivers are back to normal flow with tourists packing them at all the turns. A full moon opens this July and this month has 2 full Moons. The first occurs on the night of July 1-2, followed by a second on July 31. As the night sky clears, watch for Venus-Jupiter close separation early evenings, the first part of the month of July. July is the month for our New Horizons encounter with Pluto! Flyby is scheduled for July 14, read the news release dated June 30. July is a good month to start looking at Scorpius and Sagittarius from my backyard. Very easy to spot red star Antares! Find the “Coat Hanger” with my binoculars! Stop and gaze at Saturn (magnitude +0.2, in Libra upper right of the head of Scorpius). Lower left of Saturn is the fiery orange Antares, not quite as bright. Another Star to watch this summer is the Astro Star. It rises in the Baseball diamond this summer. And it was 239 years since the US declared Independence with the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Enjoy the Holiday weekend! Enjoy the Summer Night Skies……..