Monday, February 2, 2015

0202Y2K+15 Stars, Planets and Shadows

On a dark night there are nothing but stars in my Portal to the Universe. Looking for Planets in a dark night sky this month: Venus and Mars are close together February 7 just after dark. They are very close the evening of February 21st. Jupiter shines bright in the east after dark. Saturn can be seen after 3 am……

The group on the hill will try and set up with telescopes the night of February 14, at the TPML Observatory. Where is Pluto?  Today a distance of 1.30 AU and getting closer to the New Horizon Mission every month now. Mark your calendar for April 15! That’s when the closest encounter operation begins! Focus your scopes on: Scorpius before sunrise this month. After dark, Orion is still hunting the night sky. Along with Canis Major and Taurus. The Pleiades are always great in binoculars

Some good news on this cross quarter day: The springs are running again! The wood pile awaits the cold nights ahead. The dead trees in the creek call for action to end their time of standing tall.  It doesn’t matter if that rodent up north sees a shadow or not! We still have Six weeks until spring….