Monday, July 7, 2014


Warm Summer Season......

The continent had its first Hurricane! Arthur roared along the eastern coast and went to land in North Carolina July the fourth. Strong enough to cause problems to the population. Our area had the yearly rush of river pirates floating down our creeks and streams over the holiday. We had some rain, but not enough. The heat is on these summer days. The nights start late to look at stars, way past ten! But summer brings Scorpius and Sagittarius, somewhat low in my sky. With lots of clusters and nebulas to view in binoculars or scopes.

Saturn, in Libra, is now in the south-east, still high in the sky after dark in my backyard. The rings, currently at an angle of 21 degrees to the line of sight, will continue to open out until May 2017. The mighty Hercules still crossing the night sky. Two thirds of the way up the right hand side of the 4 stars that make up the "keystone" in the constellation Hercules is M13, the best globular cluster visible now in my backyard. The moon, Mars and Spica were close July 5. July 7 watch for Saturn near a somewhat fat moon. The end of this month on July 24 early in the morning we can view Venus, a crescent moon and Mercury. Look low in the east an hour before sunrise. Clear Skies……..