Wednesday, September 3, 2014

09Y2K+14 Autumnal Equinox….Soon!

The Season changes on the 22nd at 9:29 PM, fall begins!

Our drought has lingered way too long! The Guadalupe River looks like a slow running wide stream! Trees are dying and vegetation thirsts for moisture! We need some rain! The heat of the day has trapped us inside far too long. Going out after dark to view the night sky is like opening an oven door! Relief (hopefully) will come, as the season changes this month. Viewing the night sky on clear nights has been often, but I do not stay out long. I confirm the constellations, the visible Planets, the brightest stars, an Iridium flare and the continuous long running ISS pass. We will be glad when cooler weather arrives! And we won’t mind some rain in between!

September Sights: Since the Sun steadily rises later we can catch the planets Venus and Jupiter the early morning sky. Venus is close to Leo star Regulus on September 5th. Jupiter is in Cancer and very close to M44. It is a slow move down toward Leo. At the end of the month, on the 26th in the evening, you can find Mars and Antares are very close together in SW sky. Saturn is too low in the west for me to view this month. Now is the time to start searching (Map) for the Andromeda Galaxy with the double cluster close by. All the bright stars from horizon to horizon. The Constellations Pegasus, Scorpius and Sagittarius are still in view. The Summer Triangle is high above us. The Group up at the Library Hill plans a viewing event Saturday September 13. Short term forecast calls for "Rain"!    Clear Skies……….