Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Y2K+14 A Month of Clouds

April is a month for fooling around in the earth below. It is well into spring and there is lots to do, spring cleaning in the shop and the closets. Move out the telescopes and give them a once over for the next time we have a clear sky.  Looks like the month's event at the TPML will be "Cloudy", again!

Events to Skywatch this month:

 A couple of rocks floating above…..Ceres and Vesta in 2014.

 An Eclipse of the Moon April 14, late into the early morning sky of April 15. Great, if you like an all nighter to watch this from start to finish!

 Jupiter is in Gemini and sets after midnight

 Saturn is in Libra in the pre- dawn hours

 Mars is red and bright, closest to earth on April 8 in Virgo

 The Lyrid Meteor shower peaks April 22