Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Y2K+14, a month of change

March did come like a Lion.....
Cold North winds as winter hangs on, with up and down temperatures...
Mostly cloudy skies have kept the scopes in doors....
The folks on the hill at TPML and this Skywatcher have not had a good night viewing in months. As I write this month's events, the clouds are thickening. I did see the moon one night behind a veil of clouds. March is a month of change! Our time changes March 9, when we loose a good hours sleep!
The Season changes on March 20th, Spring starts 11:57 am CDT.
It just so happens we had to change our computer Win 7. XP is pretty much dust in the wind. Times they are a changing!

In our March night sky the constellations to view are:

Look for Venus and Saturn in the early morning hours before dawn
View Jupiter and those moons as the evening darkens.
And always hope for Clear Skies!