Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Darker nights...

Moved 30 miles NE as the Raven flies. It was a darker place and to some a better site, when there are no other events going on.

Star Log**050115

Arrived before dark...5:45
There was a man flying a model airplane in field below the site, gate open at road. One of the regulars arrived, I unlocked the door and we set up,

Clear and cold, seeing 7-8, Cold, very cold, no gloves-A couple visited, two others came by

LX90-Could not sight the North star at first
Aligned again, Swung the scope to: Saturn, Moon, Q2-Comet, 2232 and 2243 in Monocerus,
M44, M42, M35, Double cluster, Gamma Andromeda, Gamma leporis, Betelgeuse, Saturn again
2 very bright and long meteorites

No coffee, wind picked up around 9pm
Shut down 10pm-Alarm on , lights off, locked the back door—no alarm

Loaded up... left,
Locked the road gate.