Sunday, July 31, 2005

Five is a crowd

30 miles NE as the Raven flies... a darker site

Star Log**050730

@ 7:30-clouds, and more clouds
Opened the building around 9:30, cat was inside, he came out later
The clouds would not leave, it was sticky, warm with no breeze

Three of our folks plus Two from Wimberly; they heard about us / found us through the GVTC site, one has a 9.6 Celestron goto. They had been out at the Fisher site with a group. Invited them to the event in September.

The sky cleared briefly
Since clouds hid Polaris…. I guessed-
I powered up /aligned around 10pm
Arcturus and Altair
Sloohed to: M10, M12, M8-nebula undefined due to ground light and clouds
M13 still awesome in not so dark sky
Jupiter, Albireo, Polaris, M22, M21, Used the pointer for the triangle-scorpius-sagittarius
Found the coat-hanger, Several targets: Galaxies as well as open clusters hidden by clouds

Dew alert around 11 pm

Closed down and left around midnight
I locked the building

Lots of sounds and activity at the joint down the road:
Music- a fire- smoke-fire trucks-police

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Too many clouds...

The area 30 miles NE as the Raven flies.

Star Log**050709

Seeing was not good.

For those who did not venture to the site Saturday night…we did not see a lot of stars. There were stars there, but most were hiding behind clouds. The clouds went from thin to thick. The clouds would break up at times, but then pull together and cover most of the sky.

For the two hours we were there with conversation was interesting and coffee was great and the evening was pleasant.

Mark your calendars... we will try for a clear night on a different date.