Monday, June 13, 2005

After many cloudy nights....Stars

30 miles NE as the Raven flies is a darker site

Star Log**050611

Finally... we saw stars Saturday night!
Just three of us Set up at 9pm

After several previous nights of clouds, we set up and slewed to our favorite Galaxies, Clusters, nebulas and Stars. A slight breeze kept the bugs away. The humidity was high, but sharpened the view of the planets. Venus was bright and high in the West. The GRS was a great addition to Jupiter and its’ moons. We still caught the "Lord of the Rings" as it drifted toward the western horizon. Our Moon was a spectacular five day old crescent in the Western sky, with deep Craters and mountains highlighted along the Terminator!

Sky not the best

Opened the bldg, no problem, the office was unlocked

Aligned at 8:50 Vega/Spica

5 day crescent moon, Venus, Saturn,Jupiter- 2 moons * GRS 9:34** Io close in left, Callisto far out left-Distance=5.06 au/ mag -2.7
M13, Astroid Pallas, M82, M81, Temple comet-could not find
Jupiter again 4 moons 10:43 Callisto far left, Io closer in Left—Europa and Gaynemeade close together on the right.
M4, M5 great, M6 butterfly, M22 dimmed/filtered light, M7 bright cluster,M20 dimmed
Moon again11:45

Shut down
locked the bldg, no problem, lights out

If you were not missed some great sites!