Monday, March 14, 2005

Stars in a Spring Net

Moved NE 30 miles as the Raven flies. It was darker and to some a better site, when there were no other events going on.

Star Log**050312

Event going on....person left and was locking up as I caught her and asked not to lock up
Just a handfull at the event

Double Star Xi Ursa Majoris-ξ
M81 galaxy, M82 galaxy, M101 galaxy, Dbl star-Gamma Leonis γ
Open Cluster Melotte 111-comae Berenices, M64 galaxy, M44 Beehive cluster
Dbl star Iota Cancri- blue/yellow ί
Dbl star Zeta Cancri- -right of beehive, Open cluster M48 Hydra
Pn NGC 3242 ghost of Jupiter- Hydra
Jupiter, Saturn, M83 galaxy in Hydra’s tail, M51 whirlpool galaxy- Canes Venatici
M3 G cluster- Canes Venatici, Dbl star Nu Bootis ν
Dbl star Kappa Bootis κ