Monday, December 13, 2004

The Last ~ Star Gazer

This is an observation I filed behind the Rift 4 parsecs from the SOLC.
Stopped using this site, most folks believed it to be too light polluted from the photons hanging low in the SSW from the Metropolis.
No longer attend events at the site.... moved on, closer at the Lake, farther to the NE.

Star Log*041211
Clear night , seeing 7-8
Three of us set up, there were a Bunch of SAAS set up at site

Sloohed to Capella- theta Auriga, M38, NGC 869, NGC 1907
M45-binos, Coathanger-binos

NGC 457, M42, Almack, Q2 binos, Saturn-fuzzy low in atomosphere, Rigel, Q2
Betelgeuse, M79, NGC 1664, Kite, NGC 1624--CNC, Alpha pices, NGC 745

After the wind picked up... two packed up and left

I went to Taco Cabana with others from the SAAS group
Talked about other star site setups and the organization
Home by midnight