Monday, October 18, 2004

Last Night of Star Gazing

Star Log*041016

Three of us set up with 2 SAAS fellows setting up near by

Some whispy clouds early, cleared, some clouds rolled in later with No wind

A Crescent Moon –WSW in Scorpius

First align with the LX90 did not match polar
Re -aligned 8:05 using Kaus Austrius to Apheratz,
Sloohed to targets:
M15, M13, M2, the Double cluster, M31, M32, M110, Albireo-dbl, Gamma Del- dbl, NGC 457

Comet Q4, DNS- NGC 258, could not resolve -M51 could not resolve -IC 13 galaxy, could not resolve

Dew Alert :
Dew settled in around 11, packed up and went home
Will no longer attend events at the site.... closer at the Lake, farther to the NE.

Monday, October 11, 2004


First Event ~30 Miles NE near the Lake, dark site as long as no other events going on/A handfull of interested folks plus one person came by. Discussed lights, fence...No visitors

Aligned at 8:05 to Kaus Austri and Alpertz

Sloohed to M15/tight cluster,
M51 dimm whirlpool, M31 bright core,
NGC 253 dimm slice, NGC 457 the dragon fly,
NGC 5866/dimm spindle,
M57/ring not as bright(sharper bkgrd with Neb filter.),
M13/not as sharp, Q4 comet/DNS, double cluster w-32mm,
M45, eta cas/dbl, M2, M31, M32, M110, Aldeberan,
M1/still low in sky @11pm, M34 the X cluster,
M37 golddust/was low and dimm, Albireo/dbl~not as blue tonight, gamma del/dbl

dew alret/ end of session