Monday, September 13, 2004

A Not So Starry night Event

Star Log* 040911
7pm a trek south of the backyard Gate was open got in-

Friend Larry with LX200, battery trouble ....Binos only
One other user with small Dob set up too. Young couple with 2 kids were viewing near by.
Guy from SAAS was counting heads and turned off lights.

Followed Iridium flare, satellite only , did not flash

I set up and started at 8:15- Aligned Arcturus and Altair
Polaris, M15, C13, Antares, M22, Constellation Cygnus, Scorpius, NGC 869- double cluster used 14 ultra wide

M13 hidden in clouds- Q4 comet hidden in clouds -M31, 24 coma berenices double,Vega, several clouds

Clouds would not go away, hot- humid- sticky... shut down and headed home.