Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Summer Night...not the best Sky

Star Log*040814

Three of us set up in a group, 2 women from Nacadoches were there visiting
SAAS group at the pavilion.

Warm humid night, seeing was not good,Lx90 worked well
Fired up 20:50 then Aligned with Arcturus and Altair
Went to N.star, Polaris, M22, M12, M13, Ring neb.M57. These clusters were not sharp tonight. Dimm in the scope
Looked for Asteroid –clouds interfered
Looked for Comet Q4-clouds interfered

Went to several double stars using list in computer:
Eta Cas, Alfirk, Alkalurops, Alkurhah, Anser

Clouds really began to roll in.

Shut down and left. Around 23:30