Friday, May 7, 2004

Star Light, Star Bright...not tonight

This is an observation I filed from behind the south Rift

Star Log*040515

Muggy, humid, no wind, sky conditions not the best, Cleared by 9pm

3 others from SAAS set up near by, One fellow and his wife came with 12 inch mead, One walk in from public came to see the comet with her son. Some came early and stayed most of the evening.

Set up the 10” dob first: viewed the Planets
Then-Aligned with Arcturus and Cappella-no problems, LX90 worked great

Targeted: Polaris, M13, M92, Omega Centauri- faint in the low Southwest sky, The Neat comet and M44, Gamma Leonis-double

Sloohed to the Planets Jupiter, Saturn, M57 too low in Horizon, Albeirio to low in Horizon.

Dew Alert……..

Clouds started to come in

Shut down 11:45.... every thing damp