Tuesday, June 29, 2004

An Event Horizon

This is an observation I filed south of the Rift

Star Log* 040619

A trek South of the Backyard, I set up the LX90/ one had a LX200, before dark and several SAAS members set up nearby –there was something going on at the big Park in SA

I used the 10” dob viewing the crescent moon and Jupiter early
Jupiter moons -3 on left in triangle one on right far out

I aligned the LX90 with Vega and Antares-dead on 21:25
ViewedPolaris, Boo –sao 45231 double could not separate, M13, Jupiter again, M3

Hubble came over at 22:10

Merak in Ursa Major... lost center, Looked at comet Neat againin LX200- fuzz ball!
Jupiter again 23:00, 3 moons on right had more space even latitude
M6, M82, M57, Alberio and NGC 457