Monday, December 13, 2004

The Last ~ Star Gazer

This is an observation I filed behind the Rift 4 parsecs from the SOLC.
Stopped using this site, most folks believed it to be too light polluted from the photons hanging low in the SSW from the Metropolis.
No longer attend events at the site.... moved on, closer at the Lake, farther to the NE.

Star Log*041211
Clear night , seeing 7-8
Three of us set up, there were a Bunch of SAAS set up at site

Sloohed to Capella- theta Auriga, M38, NGC 869, NGC 1907
M45-binos, Coathanger-binos

NGC 457, M42, Almack, Q2 binos, Saturn-fuzzy low in atomosphere, Rigel, Q2
Betelgeuse, M79, NGC 1664, Kite, NGC 1624--CNC, Alpha pices, NGC 745

After the wind picked up... two packed up and left

I went to Taco Cabana with others from the SAAS group
Talked about other star site setups and the organization
Home by midnight

Monday, October 18, 2004

Last Night of Star Gazing

Star Log*041016

Three of us set up with 2 SAAS fellows setting up near by

Some whispy clouds early, cleared, some clouds rolled in later with No wind

A Crescent Moon –WSW in Scorpius

First align with the LX90 did not match polar
Re -aligned 8:05 using Kaus Austrius to Apheratz,
Sloohed to targets:
M15, M13, M2, the Double cluster, M31, M32, M110, Albireo-dbl, Gamma Del- dbl, NGC 457

Comet Q4, DNS- NGC 258, could not resolve -M51 could not resolve -IC 13 galaxy, could not resolve

Dew Alert :
Dew settled in around 11, packed up and went home
Will no longer attend events at the site.... closer at the Lake, farther to the NE.

Monday, October 11, 2004


First Event ~30 Miles NE near the Lake, dark site as long as no other events going on/A handfull of interested folks plus one person came by. Discussed lights, fence...No visitors

Aligned at 8:05 to Kaus Austri and Alpertz

Sloohed to M15/tight cluster,
M51 dimm whirlpool, M31 bright core,
NGC 253 dimm slice, NGC 457 the dragon fly,
NGC 5866/dimm spindle,
M57/ring not as bright(sharper bkgrd with Neb filter.),
M13/not as sharp, Q4 comet/DNS, double cluster w-32mm,
M45, eta cas/dbl, M2, M31, M32, M110, Aldeberan,
M1/still low in sky @11pm, M34 the X cluster,
M37 golddust/was low and dimm, Albireo/dbl~not as blue tonight, gamma del/dbl

dew alret/ end of session

Monday, September 13, 2004

A Not So Starry night Event

Star Log* 040911
7pm a trek south of the backyard Gate was open got in-

Friend Larry with LX200, battery trouble ....Binos only
One other user with small Dob set up too. Young couple with 2 kids were viewing near by.
Guy from SAAS was counting heads and turned off lights.

Followed Iridium flare, satellite only , did not flash

I set up and started at 8:15- Aligned Arcturus and Altair
Polaris, M15, C13, Antares, M22, Constellation Cygnus, Scorpius, NGC 869- double cluster used 14 ultra wide

M13 hidden in clouds- Q4 comet hidden in clouds -M31, 24 coma berenices double,Vega, several clouds

Clouds would not go away, hot- humid- sticky... shut down and headed home.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Summer Night...not the best Sky

Star Log*040814

Three of us set up in a group, 2 women from Nacadoches were there visiting
SAAS group at the pavilion.

Warm humid night, seeing was not good,Lx90 worked well
Fired up 20:50 then Aligned with Arcturus and Altair
Went to, Polaris, M22, M12, M13, Ring neb.M57. These clusters were not sharp tonight. Dimm in the scope
Looked for Asteroid –clouds interfered
Looked for Comet Q4-clouds interfered

Went to several double stars using list in computer:
Eta Cas, Alfirk, Alkalurops, Alkurhah, Anser

Clouds really began to roll in.

Shut down and left. Around 23:30

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Summer Nights

Star Log*040717

aligned the LX90 to Vega and Antares
Jupiter @20:55- Three moons on right and one on the left.
Sloohed to Polaris, Albireo, M13, NGC 6572-DNS,
Jupiter @22:00, M4, M11, NGC6590-2 stars
Neptune, Uranus, M22,
Doubles=Sao 101951-Her, Sao 64686-Boo, Sao 102680-Her, Sao 30012-Draco, Sao 30239 Dra,
M5, M4, M6, M57, gamma Del, Mu Ceph, M15, M31, NGC 457, M20, M25

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

An Event Horizon

This is an observation I filed south of the Rift

Star Log* 040619

A trek South of the Backyard, I set up the LX90/ one had a LX200, before dark and several SAAS members set up nearby –there was something going on at the big Park in SA

I used the 10” dob viewing the crescent moon and Jupiter early
Jupiter moons -3 on left in triangle one on right far out

I aligned the LX90 with Vega and Antares-dead on 21:25
ViewedPolaris, Boo –sao 45231 double could not separate, M13, Jupiter again, M3

Hubble came over at 22:10

Merak in Ursa Major... lost center, Looked at comet Neat againin LX200- fuzz ball!
Jupiter again 23:00, 3 moons on right had more space even latitude
M6, M82, M57, Alberio and NGC 457

Friday, May 7, 2004

Star Light, Star Bright...not tonight

This is an observation I filed from behind the south Rift

Star Log*040515

Muggy, humid, no wind, sky conditions not the best, Cleared by 9pm

3 others from SAAS set up near by, One fellow and his wife came with 12 inch mead, One walk in from public came to see the comet with her son. Some came early and stayed most of the evening.

Set up the 10” dob first: viewed the Planets
Then-Aligned with Arcturus and Cappella-no problems, LX90 worked great

Targeted: Polaris, M13, M92, Omega Centauri- faint in the low Southwest sky, The Neat comet and M44, Gamma Leonis-double

Sloohed to the Planets Jupiter, Saturn, M57 too low in Horizon, Albeirio to low in Horizon.

Dew Alert……..

Clouds started to come in

Shut down 11:45.... every thing damp

Saturday, January 31, 2004


A quick look at the night sky.
Set up in the drive at 18:50, aligned using Capella and Rigel
Venus was bright and almost at full globe in the west
Sirius was bright and showed the way to Orion
There was a flare near the bright star Sirius
I viewed Saturn and made a sketch
slewed to Orion and looked at M42, made a sketch