Monday, October 13, 2003

Backyard Star Search

***STARDATE 101003

Sunday @ 20:15         Clear/cool       seeing was good....
Jupiter in the trees
I acquired Star Nunki (in Sgr), and Star Rasalgethi > Alignment complete
Using standard 24 mm eyepiece
Cassiopeia: the star Shedar (No Comet there)
M15 in Pegasus
ET, Owl cluster NGC 457
21:00 Two minute photo @ Star Shedar
Double Cluster: still in the trees @ 21:11
More Clouds in @ 21:35 M31 in clouds @ 22:00 in East
Jupiter up @ 22:00
Double Cluster @ 22:15 not as spectacular in the 8"
More Clouds in........
Uranus  > small pale blue dot to the left of bright J.....
Shut down, end of session