Sunday, March 30, 2003


Monthly event at SOLC
Aligned the LX90 @ 7:15 pm to Siruis and Aldeberan
Started with Polaris, then to NGC 2017 /a quad star- red/yellow/blue/blue
Sloohed to Jupiter/ 4moons- 3 on the left and one on the right
went to the double cluster, then gamma Leo, dbl in Cas, the stargate asterism, M104, M35,
Mel 111, M42, IC13/matchstick man in cas, Gamma Leo/Algiebea a dbl
NGC 3242/ ghost of Jupiter, NGC 2818 / planetary nebula
A string of doubles: gamma Leporis, gamma And, Beta Mon, 5 star system in Orion, gamma Virginis, M67, M35, Castor
Nebulas: Ngc 2359, NGC 2392/ the eskimo, NGC 1999/ near orion, NGC 2017 in lepus/a group of stars-yellow, blue and orange