Sunday, February 23, 2003


Under the Ravenstar wing/ set up for a group at the Fischer site
Looked for the Zodiacal Light after dark~DNS
ranged around Cassiopea then went to NGC 2392/neb in Gemini, NGC 2359/neb in Cma, NGC 2386/spiral in Lyra, Beta Mon/sao 133316/ a triple in Mon
NGC 2017 / multipl in Lepus
NGC 1999/ neb in Orion
M35 in Gemini
Viewed Doubles: 66 Ceti, Gamma Arietis, Gamma And, 55 piscium, Rigel
Lambda Orionis
Kemble's Cascade/ngc1502~ found in binoculars then in scope

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

StarLog~ 030204

An event under the Raven's wing in Fischer
Crisp cool clear night~ clouds moving in with a light breeze
took the 10" Dob
8:30 pm turned to Jupiter~ Three moons on the left and one on the right/aligned with equator
Went to Saturn~ two moons in upper right of rings and one below the globe
double cluster in Perseus was great
Sigma Orion a Triple and dbl in a group near the belt
Used the C11 and viewed the Owl cluster
sloohed to gamma leo/ gold dbl
The cluster~M35, then to M42 in Orion
Visiting Group left area @10pm...shut down and put equipment away

Sunday, February 2, 2003


Monthly event at the SOLC
Set up and aligned at 6:45pm to Capella and Rigel/alignment off
re aligned with Sirius and pollux @7:05
sloohed to M35, then Jupiter/3moons showing 2 on left and one on the right, line up at equator
went to Saturn/ 3 moons - one on top of rings and 3 on bottom right of the globe
Back to Jupiter at 8:04/4moons- two on either side of the globe lined up at the equator
Polaris, m42, Betelguese, Gemini/Pollux, gamma And,

Shut down and trained the drive/aligned with Sirius and Pollux
M44, C13, Beta Mon, Jupiter @ 9:50/ 4moons lined up, 2 on left farther apart/ red spot?
M81, M82 then gamma Leo, took a look at canopus