Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Dance of the Planets

This Tuesday night I focused again on those two major Wandering Stars of our night sky.
This January night is cold and the sky seems sharper than last night.
Again I set up the 10"Dob in my backyard and pointed the big tube to:

Star Log^030121

Saturn @ 7:15 pm-five moons in view around the ringed planet. The Cassini separation was very distinct tonight.

I found the Orion Nebula easily and again the four stars in the Trapezium were bright and sharp.
I took a closer look at the stars-Sirius and Betelguese in the scope.
found the Owl Cluster-Ngc457 in Cas again
moved to the shoulder of Orion and found the multple double stars of Omega Orionis
Took a look at Beta Monocerotis a nice triple star
Swung over to gamma Leporis...a very nice double

Pointed the scope to Jupiter @ 9:27 pm with four moons showing.
Three on the right were Io and Europa close together with Callisto farther out.
The one on the left was Ganymede, way out from the planet

Wouldn't it be great if we could see all 63 moons floating around this massive planet.
Jupiter could be a Solar System by itself!

end of session

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Planet Hunt

Last night was another cold night in January.
I broke out the 10" Dob for a quick look at two planets

Star Log^030120

At 21:00 hours I tilted the big tube to the "Lord of the Rings". One moon was stationed off to the left and three moons were grouped close to the upper right of the planet.

I took a quick tour of the Orion Nebula. The four stars of the Trapezium were not as bright tonight.

At 21:30 hours I moved the scope to Jupiter. The bands were clear and I saw one moon far off to the right. Three moons off to the left. 2 close in and one farther off. All were in a equatorial line to the planet.

End of Session

Friday, January 10, 2003

Two Planets and Orion

This is an observation I filed behind the south Rift

Star Log*030104

Set up at 6:40 ~Aligned with Capella and Rigel/Betelguese

viewed Saturn - with 6 moons-Saturn near the Crab Nebula

Sloohed to: Beta Mon-a triple system, M38, M36, M37, Jupiter-ERI on the right, Mira, Polaris,
M67-too low a dark nothing, M42, gamma Lep-dbl, M41, Saturn-again, ngc457
Jupiter @ 9:15pm 3moons on left/one on the right, M50, Pollux, Ngc 2232 - Mon, Algol, Almak, Alnilam-Ori, Alnitak-Ori, Alphard-Variable in Hyd, Alrisha in Psc, Altarf in Cnc,

Sunday, January 5, 2003


Monthly event at SOLC
Aligned at 6:40 to Capella and Rigel
Viewed the SuperGiant Betelguese then swung to Saturn @ 6:55/ 4moons-3 below and one above the ring, Beta Mon/good triple, M38, M36, M37, Theta Eri/dbl, swung to Mira, Polaris, M67/ dark nothing @ horizon, M42, gamma Lep, M41, Saturn again, NGC 457/dragon fly,
Jupiter @ 9:15/ 4moons lined up at the equator-3 on the left, one on the right
m50, swung to Pollux, NGC 2232/cluster in Mon, Algol/very bright not eclipsing, Almak/dbl-blue and gold, Alnilam in Orion's belt, Alnitak in Orion's belt, Al Phard/varible,
the stars Alrisha Altarf and Arneb.

Saturday, January 4, 2003

Backyard Marathon

My winter sky viewing started Friday night with a view of the Crescent Moon at 6:20pm.
Clear and Cold, the sky was a bit distorted

Star Log^030103

I pointed the scope to Saturn-the rings were sharp and 4 moons orbited nearby.
M31 with it's bright core floated in Andromeda
Next I went to Algol- was bright but not eclipsing
Moved to the Orion Nebula
Gamma And-double star was Blue and gold.
Found the Owl Cluster- Ngc457 in Cassiopeia
sloohed to Omega Orionis- dbl star then Beta Mon-dbl
gamma Leporis- another double was clear in the eyepiece
Broke out the Binoculars and viewed the Double Cluster
Jupiter with all 4 moons on the right in the eyepiece-ended my tour at 10:27 pm

Thursday, January 2, 2003

Backyard View

I started off the year with a viewing the night sky from my backyard. Wednesday night of this new year was cold with some scattered clouds.

At 7:50 I spotted a satellite moving South to North at 60 degrees up.

Saturn was wonderful with 3 moons showing

Andromeda , M31 was in the eyepiece next and the Core of the Galaxy was bright tonight.

The last sight was M42 and was bright and reflective at 10pm. The glow of the stars in the Trapezium glowed in the night sky.

Wednesday, January 1, 2003


Closed out this year with a quick night sky tour with the 10"Dobsonion
Set up in the backyard @ 20:45~ clear and cold
Went to Saturn/rings clear with 2 moons visible from the lower right of rings
M31~the galaxy was sharp and clear this night
found NGC 457/dragonfly
shifted to Jupiter/ watched as 2moons on left went to one on left~ one moon on the right
swung to M42/ the Great Nebula of Orion
Looked at Betelgeuse, before shuting down

Happy New Year