Monday, September 30, 2002

Backyard sights

Set up last night @ 20:00 in the drive, Moon was 22.3 days old and in the last quarter
The 10" Dob was almost straight up withVega in the eyepc.
swung it over to M22
caught a peek at Altair
never get tired of looking at M13, found sigma Lyra
searched for M15-DNS
the double gamma Del
22:55 looked at Cygnus, caught Beta cyg- the double Albeireo,
Final look was at the ring-M27

end of session

Saturday, September 28, 2002


Chasing the stars from the backyard with the Dob can be work... but is always Fun!

Friday night I focused on Vega in the constellation Lyra, then found M27 in Vulpecula.
Swung the tube to the double/double in Lyra
Vega again
found the coathanger with the Binoculars-Cr399
looked a the double Alberio in Cygnus
found the double gamma Del
Then swung the tube to M57...the ring in Lyra-sharp and clear this evening

end of session

Friday, September 27, 2002


Drove to the pasture and set up, sunset @ 19:24, Moon was close to quarter and up @ 22:32

Aligned at 20:25 with Arcturus and Antares

M22 was washed out some, low in the city light area
Sloohed to Alberio, then saw the ISS pass over at 20:45~very bright, M13, Polaris, Arcturus
(these floated some in the eyepiece-need to train the drive)
M13 again, M92, Delta Cep-double blue/white, Alpha Her-dbl golden, M92, M13 with Ultra wide, Gamma And-dbl blue/gold, M31 in the binoculars, went to Algol, then the double cluster, M11, M33~tuff to see, Polaris, M31, SAO 22268/Ruchba-d in Cas, M103 cluster in Cas, NGC 659~cluster/NGC 436 cluster~these were dim tonight, Gamma Del~double gold/gold, M15 had tight center.
Moon up at 22:50 in the tree tops, M2~clear tight cluster, Alpha Hammal in Aries
Looked at the moon
went to eta draco/varible
then mu cep,eta Aquila/varible, epsilon Lyra/dbl~dbl, eta cas/dbl~orange/yellow(like Polaris)
M57~ nice in the moonlight, aldeberan was under the moon, looked at Capella
Zeta Piscium/dbl, Alpha Piscium/a tight dbl
M38~open cluster
swung to Alpha Cas~shedir

At 0:20...dew/shut down end of session