Sunday, August 18, 2002

Saturday Night Asteroid

This is an observation I filed behind the Rift at the SOLC. Stopped using this site, most folks believed it to be too light polluted from the photons hanging low in the SSW from the Metropolis. No longer attend events at the site.... moved on, closer NE to the Lake.

Another warm Summer Night

The ISS did a fly-by at 21:20, watched as it glided across the sky
The HST floated across our sky @ 21:45
9:50 PM alignment- I went to the Stars: Arcturus, Altar, Antares, Polaris and the double Alberio/Swung to Beta Lyra for a look see
Viewed the Asteroid 2002NY40 in Jim's scope...twice
took a tour of Hercules
shot over to the double star-gamma Del, Alpha Com- couldn't separate/ gamma Com-a double with multi colors.
sloohed to M13, M10-dim tonight, found the wild duck-M11 with seven stars make up the V
set the scope to a doubles tour: Beta Ceph-dbl, Beta Ser,Delta And, Delta Denib, deneb el bkah, and mu Ceph-Hershel's garnat star.
Used the wide eyepc to view Gamma And-beautiful dble-gold /blue
Sloohed to Marfak, then Delta Cep- a wide double-blue/white

Clouds rolled in around Midnight and the Dew follow quickly
Shut down at 12:10

Saturday, August 3, 2002

Event at the Raven's Nest


Broken clear skies but seeing was crisp and sharp:
There was a get together first andBlair had BBQ (turkey and cold slaw with fresh bread was great) Dan Tharp and Mickey were there, also Bob Kaiser and his wife, also Henry and his wife, Larry Pratt came later; set up his Lx200. Jim came late with his Lx90. Sharon came later too. Met Susan, part of the Ravenstar bunch and Michelle(?) from Raven star, connected to Debbie Brown.

Only took the 4 inch Celestron used once. Help set up the 10 inch DOB and the 10 inch 2021 Meade The Meade was not aligned and Frank gave up on the spotting scope alignment, so there was not first light. However, the DOB worked fine after collimation and Scott took it through the paces.

Scott was using the Green laser pen light , Great implement.

Observed: Ring Nebula, Jewel box open cluster in Scorpius, M22 with Binos and scope. Coathanger asterism. Most of the sites Sagittarius , Albireo. Dbl Dbl in Lyra, Double in Dephinus and the Wild duck cluster. Several Satellites and shooting stars before shutting down and putting away the equipment

It was a good evening. Left around 12:30 am