Saturday, November 30, 2002


Another Event at SOLC

Aligned Lx90 @ 6:43pm to Kaus Austra and Alphertz
Sloohed to Vega, Altair, Albireo>M15, M57, the double Nu Cas, NGC 457, NGC 253/a dim galaxy. Went to Mu Cep, then Andromeda, Saturn was below the Horizon

This was a not so good night for alignment and should have trained the drive before I went trekking. Also did not have the time/date set for DST. I was off on alignment/wrapped it up and went home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Star Log~021118/19

Settle in... get comfortable, stay warm.
Cold Clear nights in November....perfect for counting Meteors
Night of the Leonids:
Location~ pasture/5 miles from my backyard
the count was 151 over a 3 hour period
3am - 6am
86 the first hour and half
54 in the next hour
11 in the last thirty minutes

Several smokers, bolides, fireballs
many with long tails(trains)

All in all a great night...
Not as spectacular as November 1998 but pretty close

Sunday, November 10, 2002


Monthly event at the SOLC:
Clear and breeze tonight/ alignment was off/ I could see targets and handheld said they were below horizon
M15, M2, Albireo, Aldeberan, NGC 457, Cr399 in the binoculars
viewed the Moon

not a good night/too much messing with the alignment
Dew alert...
packed up/went home

Friday, November 8, 2002

Star Log~021108

The dark wing of the Raven hid this file in a dark sky with lots of stars. Fourteen kids from a Montessori school trekked to the site in Fisher. Frank, Susan and Blair wrangled the group through the darkness. An Outreach Event.

Set up at 5:40 pm Clear night, good seeing

The Moon was 4 days old, earthshine was beautiful tonight, viewed the craters Hercules and Atlas. The Star Nunki in Sagittarius occulted the moon tonight around 7:30 pm. (misstook the star for Formhault)

sloohed the C11 in the dome to: the Owl Cluster ngc643 in Cas, viewed the Seven Sisters, moved to the Ring Nebula, the scope hung(wireing problem) going to ngc 253, rebooted and viewed again... was long edge on gas cloud with a med/hot center.
went to Saturn
3-shooting stars

kids were rough on the scopes