Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Early this clear morning I set up the Dob to veiw 2 planets and Orion

5:30 AM from the backyard>

Located Saturn~ in Taurus/had one moon close in top left and one farther out on the right. Another moon was located down and to the right side of the rings

Moved a little east and found brightJupiter~in Cancer/ 3 moons on the right and one on the left/all lined up even with the equator and spaced evenly. The bands were clear and distinct.

swung the tube to Orion: viewed the belt and the sword/caught a star cluster near by?/centered the Orion Nebula then sighted in Betelgeuse, and Rigel

Made sketches of the two planets and the Orion Nebula put the cap on the tube and went in for a cup of coffee.

Sunday, October 13, 2002


Under the Raven's Wing in Fischer/ Powered up the C11 in the dome~
C11 in manual mode/confirmed Vega picked polaris as second star to align
M31, M13, M92, NGC 457, NGC 253, Beta cyg/albireo dbl, Sigma Lyr, then Algol/bright
swung to Saturn/one moon -titan, Jupiter/one moon on left~3 on the right lined up at Eq
Orion Nebula/theta Eridani and nebula, gamma Arietis, sigma Orionis, Eta Cass,
the nebula Cleopatras eye, viewed the Winter Octagon
[handheld hung-did not realign]
looked at the moon
Neptune, Uranus, M45
cloud bank rolled in at 11pm~shut down

Sunday, October 6, 2002


This is an observation from the SOLC.

Weather Saturday night was iffy... chance of showers/ No Moon/Sunset @ 19:11 Twilight ends -20:29/ seven SAAS folks-one had 12.6" Dob. Two scopes set up near by

Powered up the Lx90 @ 20:00/aligned with Arcturus and Klaus Austrailis-dead on
Sloohed to: M22, M6, Algol, M31, M2, M15, VDraconis close double/sharp , M13, M92,
Planets Neptune and Uranus
M33-DNS, went to Alberio, then Asteroids Cres and Menoperese
found the double cluster, then over to NGC 457 the Owl cluster.
Almak/gamma And: colorful tight close double
M57-the ring, M74- galaxy/ hard to see
looked at Pleiades, Alpha Her/varible with a companion
Mu Cep>Hershel's garnet star
Saturn came up at 23:45/ awesome
Clouds in the North West/ thicker cloud bank moving in
Dew Alert: shut down at Midnight