Sunday, May 19, 2002


File from the rift at the SOLC
Aligned the LX90 @ 9:30 to Arcturus and Procyon
looked at Jupiter/ WNW at 10pm ~ 4moons on the left / Europa and Io occulting - looked like 3
swung to gamma leonis/dbl, M44/used binoculars too, M3, Mu Cep, M13, M92, Cr399/coat hanger with binoculars, Alberio/dbl, Mel 111 in binoculars, M51
Viewed the Moon
Ed ashish/dbl in Draco, Eps Umi, Omega Centaurus/ great globular!, M21, M6, M57, m27, Gamma Cas, Eta Sgr