Sunday, January 13, 2002

Moon Shadow

This is an observation I filed behind the Rift 6 parsecs from the SOLC. Stopped using this site, most folks believed it to be too light polluted from the photons hanging low in the SSW from the Metropolis. No longer attend events at the site.... moved on, closer NE to the Lake.

Sunset last night-17:51, New Moon, SAAS had 7-8 scopes set up near by our group of three
Iridium flare @ 19:18/brilliant flash
Powered up @19:25> forgot to bring the view scope/used jims to align
Aligned with Capella and Rigel


Jupiter was sharp and clear/bands were distinctive, Io was in shadow almost in the center of the globe, went to Polaris then sloohed to: M15>was low and dim in the night sky
M44, M50, M60, swung to Jupiter again> Io was now on the rim of the sphere
M37, M38, doubles: gamma Leporis, Beta Mon/ then to Mu Cep
Found Orion and put M42 in the eyepc> Trapezium stars were clear and nebula well defined
Located Saturn>Cassini ring visible with several moons/bands on the globe

Dew Alert/shut down at 10:45, drove out at 11pm.