Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Another cool night this Tuesday in the backyard:
set up the Dob at 21:50~the moon was full
Took a look at Saturn/ 6moons visible(unless one was a star?), 5 moons below rings~one moon real close in to the rings on right.
found a cluster to left of M42
viewed M42

closed up the tube and went in

Monday, December 16, 2002


went out this night to find one object: Cleopatra's eye/nebula in Eridanus~below Orion
Moon was bright and Hazy sky
the object was still below the tree line from my backyard

will call this up on a night out with LX90...goto

Friday, December 13, 2002


Another December night with the Dob:
Moon at a quarter and it was Hazy
Lined up with Saturn/ 4moons on the right,below the rings~one on the left
went to sigma Orion/ triple~struve 761
looked at M42/those bright center stars of the trapezoid
Betelgeuse still there
looked at the cluster Cr69/lambda Orionis
moved to Aruiga/found the clusters~M38, M37, M36

Saturday, November 30, 2002


Another Event at SOLC

Aligned Lx90 @ 6:43pm to Kaus Austra and Alphertz
Sloohed to Vega, Altair, Albireo>M15, M57, the double Nu Cas, NGC 457, NGC 253/a dim galaxy. Went to Mu Cep, then Andromeda, Saturn was below the Horizon

This was a not so good night for alignment and should have trained the drive before I went trekking. Also did not have the time/date set for DST. I was off on alignment/wrapped it up and went home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Star Log~021118/19

Settle in... get comfortable, stay warm.
Cold Clear nights in November....perfect for counting Meteors
Night of the Leonids:
Location~ pasture/5 miles from my backyard
the count was 151 over a 3 hour period
3am - 6am
86 the first hour and half
54 in the next hour
11 in the last thirty minutes

Several smokers, bolides, fireballs
many with long tails(trains)

All in all a great night...
Not as spectacular as November 1998 but pretty close

Sunday, November 10, 2002


Monthly event at the SOLC:
Clear and breeze tonight/ alignment was off/ I could see targets and handheld said they were below horizon
M15, M2, Albireo, Aldeberan, NGC 457, Cr399 in the binoculars
viewed the Moon

not a good night/too much messing with the alignment
Dew alert...
packed up/went home

Friday, November 8, 2002

Star Log~021108

The dark wing of the Raven hid this file in a dark sky with lots of stars. Fourteen kids from a Montessori school trekked to the site in Fisher. Frank, Susan and Blair wrangled the group through the darkness. An Outreach Event.

Set up at 5:40 pm Clear night, good seeing

The Moon was 4 days old, earthshine was beautiful tonight, viewed the craters Hercules and Atlas. The Star Nunki in Sagittarius occulted the moon tonight around 7:30 pm. (misstook the star for Formhault)

sloohed the C11 in the dome to: the Owl Cluster ngc643 in Cas, viewed the Seven Sisters, moved to the Ring Nebula, the scope hung(wireing problem) going to ngc 253, rebooted and viewed again... was long edge on gas cloud with a med/hot center.
went to Saturn
3-shooting stars

kids were rough on the scopes

Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Early this clear morning I set up the Dob to veiw 2 planets and Orion

5:30 AM from the backyard>

Located Saturn~ in Taurus/had one moon close in top left and one farther out on the right. Another moon was located down and to the right side of the rings

Moved a little east and found brightJupiter~in Cancer/ 3 moons on the right and one on the left/all lined up even with the equator and spaced evenly. The bands were clear and distinct.

swung the tube to Orion: viewed the belt and the sword/caught a star cluster near by?/centered the Orion Nebula then sighted in Betelgeuse, and Rigel

Made sketches of the two planets and the Orion Nebula put the cap on the tube and went in for a cup of coffee.

Sunday, October 13, 2002


Under the Raven's Wing in Fischer/ Powered up the C11 in the dome~
C11 in manual mode/confirmed Vega picked polaris as second star to align
M31, M13, M92, NGC 457, NGC 253, Beta cyg/albireo dbl, Sigma Lyr, then Algol/bright
swung to Saturn/one moon -titan, Jupiter/one moon on left~3 on the right lined up at Eq
Orion Nebula/theta Eridani and nebula, gamma Arietis, sigma Orionis, Eta Cass,
the nebula Cleopatras eye, viewed the Winter Octagon
[handheld hung-did not realign]
looked at the moon
Neptune, Uranus, M45
cloud bank rolled in at 11pm~shut down

Sunday, October 6, 2002


This is an observation from the SOLC.

Weather Saturday night was iffy... chance of showers/ No Moon/Sunset @ 19:11 Twilight ends -20:29/ seven SAAS folks-one had 12.6" Dob. Two scopes set up near by

Powered up the Lx90 @ 20:00/aligned with Arcturus and Klaus Austrailis-dead on
Sloohed to: M22, M6, Algol, M31, M2, M15, VDraconis close double/sharp , M13, M92,
Planets Neptune and Uranus
M33-DNS, went to Alberio, then Asteroids Cres and Menoperese
found the double cluster, then over to NGC 457 the Owl cluster.
Almak/gamma And: colorful tight close double
M57-the ring, M74- galaxy/ hard to see
looked at Pleiades, Alpha Her/varible with a companion
Mu Cep>Hershel's garnet star
Saturn came up at 23:45/ awesome
Clouds in the North West/ thicker cloud bank moving in
Dew Alert: shut down at Midnight

Monday, September 30, 2002

Backyard sights

Set up last night @ 20:00 in the drive, Moon was 22.3 days old and in the last quarter
The 10" Dob was almost straight up withVega in the eyepc.
swung it over to M22
caught a peek at Altair
never get tired of looking at M13, found sigma Lyra
searched for M15-DNS
the double gamma Del
22:55 looked at Cygnus, caught Beta cyg- the double Albeireo,
Final look was at the ring-M27

end of session

Saturday, September 28, 2002


Chasing the stars from the backyard with the Dob can be work... but is always Fun!

Friday night I focused on Vega in the constellation Lyra, then found M27 in Vulpecula.
Swung the tube to the double/double in Lyra
Vega again
found the coathanger with the Binoculars-Cr399
looked a the double Alberio in Cygnus
found the double gamma Del
Then swung the tube to M57...the ring in Lyra-sharp and clear this evening

end of session

Friday, September 27, 2002


Drove to the pasture and set up, sunset @ 19:24, Moon was close to quarter and up @ 22:32

Aligned at 20:25 with Arcturus and Antares

M22 was washed out some, low in the city light area
Sloohed to Alberio, then saw the ISS pass over at 20:45~very bright, M13, Polaris, Arcturus
(these floated some in the eyepiece-need to train the drive)
M13 again, M92, Delta Cep-double blue/white, Alpha Her-dbl golden, M92, M13 with Ultra wide, Gamma And-dbl blue/gold, M31 in the binoculars, went to Algol, then the double cluster, M11, M33~tuff to see, Polaris, M31, SAO 22268/Ruchba-d in Cas, M103 cluster in Cas, NGC 659~cluster/NGC 436 cluster~these were dim tonight, Gamma Del~double gold/gold, M15 had tight center.
Moon up at 22:50 in the tree tops, M2~clear tight cluster, Alpha Hammal in Aries
Looked at the moon
went to eta draco/varible
then mu cep,eta Aquila/varible, epsilon Lyra/dbl~dbl, eta cas/dbl~orange/yellow(like Polaris)
M57~ nice in the moonlight, aldeberan was under the moon, looked at Capella
Zeta Piscium/dbl, Alpha Piscium/a tight dbl
M38~open cluster
swung to Alpha Cas~shedir

At 0:20...dew/shut down end of session

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Saturday Night Asteroid

This is an observation I filed behind the Rift at the SOLC. Stopped using this site, most folks believed it to be too light polluted from the photons hanging low in the SSW from the Metropolis. No longer attend events at the site.... moved on, closer NE to the Lake.

Another warm Summer Night

The ISS did a fly-by at 21:20, watched as it glided across the sky
The HST floated across our sky @ 21:45
9:50 PM alignment- I went to the Stars: Arcturus, Altar, Antares, Polaris and the double Alberio/Swung to Beta Lyra for a look see
Viewed the Asteroid 2002NY40 in Jim's scope...twice
took a tour of Hercules
shot over to the double star-gamma Del, Alpha Com- couldn't separate/ gamma Com-a double with multi colors.
sloohed to M13, M10-dim tonight, found the wild duck-M11 with seven stars make up the V
set the scope to a doubles tour: Beta Ceph-dbl, Beta Ser,Delta And, Delta Denib, deneb el bkah, and mu Ceph-Hershel's garnat star.
Used the wide eyepc to view Gamma And-beautiful dble-gold /blue
Sloohed to Marfak, then Delta Cep- a wide double-blue/white

Clouds rolled in around Midnight and the Dew follow quickly
Shut down at 12:10

Saturday, August 3, 2002

Event at the Raven's Nest


Broken clear skies but seeing was crisp and sharp:
There was a get together first andBlair had BBQ (turkey and cold slaw with fresh bread was great) Dan Tharp and Mickey were there, also Bob Kaiser and his wife, also Henry and his wife, Larry Pratt came later; set up his Lx200. Jim came late with his Lx90. Sharon came later too. Met Susan, part of the Ravenstar bunch and Michelle(?) from Raven star, connected to Debbie Brown.

Only took the 4 inch Celestron used once. Help set up the 10 inch DOB and the 10 inch 2021 Meade The Meade was not aligned and Frank gave up on the spotting scope alignment, so there was not first light. However, the DOB worked fine after collimation and Scott took it through the paces.

Scott was using the Green laser pen light , Great implement.

Observed: Ring Nebula, Jewel box open cluster in Scorpius, M22 with Binos and scope. Coathanger asterism. Most of the sites Sagittarius , Albireo. Dbl Dbl in Lyra, Double in Dephinus and the Wild duck cluster. Several Satellites and shooting stars before shutting down and putting away the equipment

It was a good evening. Left around 12:30 am

Sunday, May 19, 2002


File from the rift at the SOLC
Aligned the LX90 @ 9:30 to Arcturus and Procyon
looked at Jupiter/ WNW at 10pm ~ 4moons on the left / Europa and Io occulting - looked like 3
swung to gamma leonis/dbl, M44/used binoculars too, M3, Mu Cep, M13, M92, Cr399/coat hanger with binoculars, Alberio/dbl, Mel 111 in binoculars, M51
Viewed the Moon
Ed ashish/dbl in Draco, Eps Umi, Omega Centaurus/ great globular!, M21, M6, M57, m27, Gamma Cas, Eta Sgr

Tuesday, April 9, 2002


under the Raven's wing and event at the Fischer site:
Aligned at 10pm to Sirius and Arcturus~
Polaris and then Venus
M48/cluster, m65/galaxy, gamma Leonis/dbl,2232 Mon/cluster, 2264 mon/cluster,
M13/was dim in the easter glow tonight,
Jupiter/ appeared to have 5moons tonight/ 2 on the right-3 on the left

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Moon Shadow

This is an observation I filed behind the Rift 6 parsecs from the SOLC. Stopped using this site, most folks believed it to be too light polluted from the photons hanging low in the SSW from the Metropolis. No longer attend events at the site.... moved on, closer NE to the Lake.

Sunset last night-17:51, New Moon, SAAS had 7-8 scopes set up near by our group of three
Iridium flare @ 19:18/brilliant flash
Powered up @19:25> forgot to bring the view scope/used jims to align
Aligned with Capella and Rigel


Jupiter was sharp and clear/bands were distinctive, Io was in shadow almost in the center of the globe, went to Polaris then sloohed to: M15>was low and dim in the night sky
M44, M50, M60, swung to Jupiter again> Io was now on the rim of the sphere
M37, M38, doubles: gamma Leporis, Beta Mon/ then to Mu Cep
Found Orion and put M42 in the eyepc> Trapezium stars were clear and nebula well defined
Located Saturn>Cassini ring visible with several moons/bands on the globe

Dew Alert/shut down at 10:45, drove out at 11pm.