Saturday, May 26, 2001

A different end of the road dark site

Y2K+1 brought us to another end of the road dark site. This site was bit more west than the NW site used in Y2K. At: 29.42.028 -98.12.092W/Elv908'

Star Log/010526

Set up at 8:30- could not see Jupiter or Mercury
Observed the 4 day moon

Went to M13, Antares, Arcturus,Pollux and Castor
Viewed M111, found and observed Mars

Sky was hazy/ cloud bank came in at 10:10

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

From the tree line

My backyard is full of trees. I do have a large opening of sky to see up in.
Could not view the planets Saturn, Jupiter,Mercury and the Moon- they were all too low
29.46.111 -98.04.728W /elv701'

Star Log^010523

First star I saw was Arcturus @ 20:50
Went to: Spica, Antares, Arcturus,M13
Mars was up above the trees @ 11:10 pm\

Trouble with aligment and movement in scope...
Will readjust

Dew forming @ 10:30