Sunday, October 21, 2001

October Orionids

This years meteor shower was not spectacular from my backlyard.

Entry~ 011021- Orionids

Early in the AM set up in the backyard. Cold / clear. Stayed two hours from 2 - 4 am.
Only three(3) per hour.

Sunday, October 14, 2001


From the SOLC Rift files
SAAS meet prior, 10 scopes set up, added mine

Sun in Virgo-Sunset: 19:01-Astronomical Twilight ends: 20:20
Moon in Leo-Moonset 17:22
Saturn rises:22:05-Jupiter rises:00:11

Powered up 20:15
Aligned with Alpheratz in And. and Klaus Australis in Sgr. Dead on

Polaris-V double
M2-G cluster-Aqr
M22-Open Cluster-Sgr
M23-Open Cluster-Sgr
Cr399- with Binos
M21-Open Cluster, Sgr
7009-saturn nebula with LPR filter
M57-ring nebula with LPR filter
Alberio-yellow blue double
M11-wild duck cluster
M15- G cluster
M31- Galaxy
Almaak-double in andromeda, blue and yellow like Alberio
Neptune-blue planet
M81- Galaxy hard to see
hcas- double(eta cas) Achird
gdel- double in delphinus
M13-G cluster, pale and broken in humid sky not as sharp
M92- G cluster, a lot sharper
M39 in Cyg not impressive, open cluster
Pleaides- with Binos
Saturn- @ 10:30, Just over the top of the larger shed roof, fuzzy in low atmosphere and large amount of Dew
Dew Alert: shut down @ 10:45, saw condensation on lens

Scopes left around 10pm, Dew alert, I had dew shield on., left scope out in room to air out, saw lots of dust spects on lens in the morning seem to be on inside. Did not try to clean

Sunday, October 7, 2001


A monthly event from the Rift file at SOLC:
Aligned the LX90 @ 20:15 with Kaus Australis and Arcturus
viewed Antares/ still there~no super nova, M22, Alpha her/dbl, Ablerio/dbl, Mu Cep, M15 , looked at Mars
went to Polaris, Almag/Peg~double like Alberio, Cr399 with Binoculars, Gamma Del/dbl

noted: viewed asteroid
noted: left before Saturn/Jupiter high enough to view
noted: that the alignment was off some this night/polar N alignment off