Sunday, October 21, 2001

October Orionids

This years meteor shower was not spectacular from my backlyard.

Entry~ 011021- Orionids

Early in the AM set up in the backyard. Cold / clear. Stayed two hours from 2 - 4 am.
Only three(3) per hour.

Sunday, October 14, 2001


From the SOLC Rift files
SAAS meet prior, 10 scopes set up, added mine

Sun in Virgo-Sunset: 19:01-Astronomical Twilight ends: 20:20
Moon in Leo-Moonset 17:22
Saturn rises:22:05-Jupiter rises:00:11

Powered up 20:15
Aligned with Alpheratz in And. and Klaus Australis in Sgr. Dead on

Polaris-V double
M2-G cluster-Aqr
M22-Open Cluster-Sgr
M23-Open Cluster-Sgr
Cr399- with Binos
M21-Open Cluster, Sgr
7009-saturn nebula with LPR filter
M57-ring nebula with LPR filter
Alberio-yellow blue double
M11-wild duck cluster
M15- G cluster
M31- Galaxy
Almaak-double in andromeda, blue and yellow like Alberio
Neptune-blue planet
M81- Galaxy hard to see
hcas- double(eta cas) Achird
gdel- double in delphinus
M13-G cluster, pale and broken in humid sky not as sharp
M92- G cluster, a lot sharper
M39 in Cyg not impressive, open cluster
Pleaides- with Binos
Saturn- @ 10:30, Just over the top of the larger shed roof, fuzzy in low atmosphere and large amount of Dew
Dew Alert: shut down @ 10:45, saw condensation on lens

Scopes left around 10pm, Dew alert, I had dew shield on., left scope out in room to air out, saw lots of dust spects on lens in the morning seem to be on inside. Did not try to clean

Sunday, October 7, 2001


A monthly event from the Rift file at SOLC:
Aligned the LX90 @ 20:15 with Kaus Australis and Arcturus
viewed Antares/ still there~no super nova, M22, Alpha her/dbl, Ablerio/dbl, Mu Cep, M15 , looked at Mars
went to Polaris, Almag/Peg~double like Alberio, Cr399 with Binoculars, Gamma Del/dbl

noted: viewed asteroid
noted: left before Saturn/Jupiter high enough to view
noted: that the alignment was off some this night/polar N alignment off

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Looking for the Linear Comet

Last night it was a warm summer night but clear from the field in the pasture.
Hoping to find Comet Linear C/2001 A2
Set up the Lx90 and aligned @ 20:35 with Altair and Arcturus

Checked out the red stars Mu Cep and Antares
found the double Polaris
Clusters M11 and M22
viewed the stars in the Veil Nebula
Cluster M5
Searched for the Linear Comet but was unsuccesful in finding it tonight:
should have been in Sagitta/20h 12m 53.2 s/20deg-27' 19"
I will try again another night.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001


Somewhere at the end of the road is a dark site to view the night sky. Three of us there looked at the moon to start

Viewed Scorpio~Antares did not Supernova tonight
Sloohed to the Saturn nebula~weak
went to Mizar and other doubles
Viewed Mars
Clouds rolled in...broke at 11:30
most left for the night, two of us stayed and viewed stars til 2 AM

Monday, July 23, 2001

StarLog 010722

Must have been at the pasture since it was Sunday!
Visually observed Mars at 20:50, then saw Vega@ 20:55, Antares @ 20:55, Arcturus @ 20:57, Deneb and Altair @ 21:04
Aligned the LX90 @ 21:15 to Vega and Antares
Regulus was too low in the trees
Synced Polaris/ centered
Observed and viewed the two day Moon
Back to Polaris...dead on
Scope to Albireo-nice double, 31 Cyg-nice double, M15-cluster crisp/clear, Binoculars to Cr399, M22, NGC 6334-cats paw nebula( only saw the stars), NGC 7009 and NGC 6302 nebulas were visible. Shot over to Enif- a yellow star in Pegasis, went to C20012- dimmer than on the 13th.
Back to M15, Mu Cep,
ended with a jump to Mizar,

Saturday, July 14, 2001

Weekend Observing: SkyLog**010713

Lucky Friday 13, evening special observing at the SOLC:

Observed visually Mars @ 20:45, Vega @ 20:50, Antares @ 20:51, Arcturus @ 20:55
Aligned the LX90 @ 21:20 to Vega and Antares
Sights in the scope: great dbl Albireo, M10, M5, M15, M6, Foxhead nebula, M13, Polaris, bright M3, Delta Boo, Our nearest Galaxy M31,

Went to Comet Linear: Finally viewed C2001A2- @ 22'26''/14.1 sec. in Pegasus

Mu Cep, p capricorni-nice double, secundi Giedi/capricorn- nice double
Another double- Dabih- very nice.

Thursday, July 12, 2001


A trip to the pasture Wednesday nignt/ was fair and clear, with a slight breeze
Visually observed Mars @ 20:50, Vega @ 21:00, Arcturus and Antares @ 21:00, Spica @ 21:05
Aligned the LX90 @ 21:10 was off North a bit/shut down
realigned 21:30 to Vega and Antares
Polaris dead on, Albireo was great in the eyepc/blue and yellowEta Cyg- yellow double could not separateGienah Cygni-yellow double/could not separate, Mu Cep nice red star M22,

Ceres the rock with Binoculars
M10, M4, M6- the butterfly cluster wings stood out in the night, M20-the Triffid with a filter, C69 the bug/ did not resolvevery well
Cygnus X1- a black hole- black space between stars/was this the rim of the "Event Horizon"?
M27- the Dumbbell-weightless nebula in the night sky/with a filter, NGC 6819 Foxhead open cluster , C55- Saturn nebula, Binoculars to view Cr399 the coathanger asterism, too late for M104 behind the trees, M15

Comet C2001A2 near Xi Peg: sao 108165-saw a fuzz ball/ thought it was a fuzzy G-cluster
Gamma Del- nice double
Sigma Bootes- Izar, spilt on high mag
back to Polaris, then M31

Took a look at Mars

Great Night! Ended session~ 00:23

Saturday, July 7, 2001


Clear with a slight breeze at the SOLC. Set up the LX90 and waited for the sky to get darker.
Mars was seen @ 20:49
Vega seen @ 20:57
Antares @ 21:00 / aligned with Vega and Antares @ 21:02

Observed: Spica-SAO 157923,
Polaris-SAO 308,
Ceres was at 7.3 mag,
Zeta Sag was 2.5 mag,
viewed a satellite moving N-S @ 21:49,
Double Albeireo-orange and blue,
M22 was sharp and clear,
M5 looked smaller and clear,
looked for 7009 the saturn nebula-it was too low,
C9 the cats eye nebula was non distingashable-just a dim star,
M57 was a distinct ring,
M27 dumbell was sharp and clear,
M13 was straight up and sharp and tight,
M81 was a hazy cloud,
back to the saturn nebula 7009-Caldwell 55- found a small blue ball,
Galaxy M74 was fuzzy with a tight center,
M51 two small fuzzy dimmer centers,
Observed Mars @ 22:56,
Observed the coat hanger CR399 with Binoculars,
Observed a shooting star- a short burst through Sagitarius E-S,
Mu Cep then M10.
Moon above the trees @ 23:19
Polaris and Mizar were dead on
Closed the session with sigma Bootes-Izar-a double , higher mag split them

Sunday, July 1, 2001

StarLog* 010630

Last night we set up at an alternate site-Timber Ridge/ used the LX90
The sky had been cloudy and cloudy all day and early evening but the sky cleared.

Aligned @ 23:11 with Altair and Vega- was off a little in N alignment with Polaris

Sigma Lyra
A Triple above Deneb, 2 yellow-1 blue, used binos,
M57 not as sharp
M27 not as sharp
M17 not as crisp...too much moon
Mu Cep
M8 not as crisp...moon?
7009 saturn nebula, weak too much mon
M15 not as sharp ...Moon
M51 behind the trees-too low
M2 not as sharp
Moon-see 9 day moon sheet
Heavy cloud bank moved in...shut down @ 2:15 AM

Wednesday, June 27, 2001


A trip last night to the pasture and set up for a June night sky review.
Aligned the LX90 @ 21:20 the two stars Antares and Spica...there were clouds and Polaris was off, plus trouble finding other targets.

Shut down and Aligned again @ 22:25 with Vega and Antares
Polaris was dead on:
Slewed to Albireo the two colored double
went to Cr399, the coathanger; then to clusers M13,M92
found Mars with some visible landscape
slewed to M10, M3 then floated over to Altair(Sao125122)
Eta M in Draco was a yellow star
Clusters M5 and then M6 the butterfly

Shut down @ 00:12 after midnight

Monday, June 25, 2001

A Four Day Moon

Moon is WSW at 50 degrees
Arcturus @ 20:57
Vega @ 21:00 behind whisps of clouds
Antares@ 21:02
Spica @ 21:06

Aligned @ 21:15 Vega and Antares

the 4 day moon
Mars with features shown
Kocab-Beta Umi- a bright yellow star
Pherkad,Sao 8220, white star, Gamma Umi
Del Umi, Sao 2937, a pale yellow star
Vega, SL16
M13- tighter cluster, even shows in moonlight
Explored Draco: Etamin-Sao 35563-Gamma Draco, a bright yellow star
Theta Draco,- dim white star
Edasich-Sao 29520, Iota Drac is a yellow star
Looked at the Rock, Plato, a dim spec @ 22:50- RA 16:53-4 -11.48
Neptune was along the treeline @ 22:55
Slewed to M10-was dimmed by the moon
M22, dimmed by the moon
Terminator of the moon @ 23:05
Etamin in Draco again
Neptune again @ 23:33
Altair, Sao 125122
Back to Mars @ 23:50

Tuesday, June 19, 2001


Set up last night in the field at the pasture
Naked eye in the sky: Observed Mars at 20:55 and Vega at 20:57
Arcturus at 21:02, Spica at 21:04

Aligned LX90 at 21:05-Vega and Antares
Mars was a bit off in eyepc. adjusted
Polaris off and slipping out of view
M13 off center but held, cluster was at Zenith and hard to view on the Knees
Mu Cephi
M8 with filter, off center
M57, M20, Albireo
ISS fly by...
Delta Cephi, alpha Her, eta Aquiae, mu Cephei, chi Cygni, Nu Draconis-dble white,
Epsilon Lyrae-dbl/dbl, Epsilon Bootis-dbl(red giant/blue green),
Gamma Delphini-dbl(yellow/white), Gamma Virginis-dble (yellow and white),
Beta Lyrae-eclipsing binary
sigma Lyra dbl/dbl split in High mag.
gamma Vir-dbl
M10, M11, Cr399 in binoculars, M94-viewed with and w/o filter, Mizar-dbl, Polaris
Mars again
M17 with filter, M20 with filter, M27 with filter
Time: 00:25 viewed M8 and then M57

shut down and went home.

Friday, June 15, 2001

Summer rains...

Last week's event was cancelled with rain showers in the area.
Two of us set up at the alternate site. We had 2 others drop by


This night was hazy and humid/The moon is 4 days old
sloohed to: M13-a cluster I never get tired of looking at, Larry had M44 in his wide eyepc
Antares- that red star that is supposed to SuperNova ??
Mizar, Mel 111, Other scope had Ghost of Jupiter in his eyepc.
Mars just coming up- Cloud bank moved in/ shut down @ 10:30pm

Note: since the last event I trained the drive in the Lx90 and things are going better.

Saturday, May 26, 2001

A different end of the road dark site

Y2K+1 brought us to another end of the road dark site. This site was bit more west than the NW site used in Y2K. At: 29.42.028 -98.12.092W/Elv908'

Star Log/010526

Set up at 8:30- could not see Jupiter or Mercury
Observed the 4 day moon

Went to M13, Antares, Arcturus,Pollux and Castor
Viewed M111, found and observed Mars

Sky was hazy/ cloud bank came in at 10:10

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

From the tree line

My backyard is full of trees. I do have a large opening of sky to see up in.
Could not view the planets Saturn, Jupiter,Mercury and the Moon- they were all too low
29.46.111 -98.04.728W /elv701'

Star Log^010523

First star I saw was Arcturus @ 20:50
Went to: Spica, Antares, Arcturus,M13
Mars was up above the trees @ 11:10 pm\

Trouble with aligment and movement in scope...
Will readjust

Dew forming @ 10:30

Tuesday, April 24, 2001


Set up the scope in the pasture to check alignment program...still having problems

Star Log^^010424

8:39 saw shooting star move N to SW-short
Locked on Jupiter: 2 moons above-one below
went to Mizar
Still slewing too much to center/ too much movement
The ISS and STS100 did a flyby @ 20:59:39
Dew at 10:30

Sunday, February 4, 2001

End of the Road

Just head out of the city, find a dark lonely Cul-de-sac and set up. Last night we had chosen a site NW of the city: 29:44N-9811535 W/Elv.857'- sky was Fair, cold- in the 40s/sunset: 18:13


Found Hershels Garnet Star
Viewed Venus, Jupiter and Saturn
Went to Orion, the belt, the sword
The star Mira
The Asteroid Physce-in Taurus
Scaned Monoceros
Looked at the Snowball nebula, Pleiades
watched the Space Station move across the sky