Saturday, September 30, 2000

A View from the Road

Trekking to a place to set up a Telescope was not difficult with this small group . Just head out of the city, find a dark lonely Cul-de-sac and set up. Last night we had chosen a site NW of the city: 29:44N-9811535 W/Elv.857'. Three of us started out and two more drove in after dark.
Sky was fair, cool night- Sun set at 7:18

Star Log/000929

Sloohed the Lx90: M13, M92, The Planets Venus- Mercury-Uranus,
found the coathanger asterism in Vul with Binoculars then moved the scope to there.
The double cluster was great to view, M22, M20, M7, then to the wild duck-M11, shot over to Mizar, saturn nebula, the milky way lit up a strip in the sky
Saw a shooting star zip through Cygnus @ 21:45
Followed several Satellites move across the sky
The Hubble was too low for a sighting tonight...
Looked for the Geghenshein/ DNS
wrapped it up at 10:30pm