Sunday, August 27, 2000

The Seventh Voyage

If I am counting right, last night would have been our seventh trek in Y2K to the dark end of the road NW of the City. No weather or sky report was listed but it must have been clear. I had notes of what I saw all over the folder, sheets of charts and Astro data listings. I was not quite as organized as I became later in my Trekking Journals.

Star Log/000826

Not very many folks at the event tonight.
Started off scanning Cygnus in Binoculars then the double Albireo
found the V formation of the Wild Duck-M11
Sloohed to the Planets Uranus-Neptune
M5, M57, M13, M15, moved to M8, M22, M54, M70, M69
Followed several shooting stars
noted the Milky Way stretched across the sky
followed several Satellites gliding across the horizon

We left only Carbon footsteps