Sunday, November 26, 2000

Site unknown

This old file had no location listed. This could be another end of the road dark site NW of the City. There was no moon shown on the charts in the folder. However this was two days after Thanksgiving, a short list and my guess is I set up in my Backyard.

Star Log/001125

Viewed Venus
sighted Saturn @ 18:12- sketch indicates 2 moons
The HST rolled across the sky
Viewed the planet Jupiter @ 18;25 sketch indicates 3 moons above and 1 below
I sloohed to M2, M15
Found the coathanger-Cr399
Went to M38, M36, M37
ended with Hersherls star, mu Cephi

Saturday, September 30, 2000

A View from the Road

Trekking to a place to set up a Telescope was not difficult with this small group . Just head out of the city, find a dark lonely Cul-de-sac and set up. Last night we had chosen a site NW of the city: 29:44N-9811535 W/Elv.857'. Three of us started out and two more drove in after dark.
Sky was fair, cool night- Sun set at 7:18

Star Log/000929

Sloohed the Lx90: M13, M92, The Planets Venus- Mercury-Uranus,
found the coathanger asterism in Vul with Binoculars then moved the scope to there.
The double cluster was great to view, M22, M20, M7, then to the wild duck-M11, shot over to Mizar, saturn nebula, the milky way lit up a strip in the sky
Saw a shooting star zip through Cygnus @ 21:45
Followed several Satellites move across the sky
The Hubble was too low for a sighting tonight...
Looked for the Geghenshein/ DNS
wrapped it up at 10:30pm

Sunday, August 27, 2000

The Seventh Voyage

If I am counting right, last night would have been our seventh trek in Y2K to the dark end of the road NW of the City. No weather or sky report was listed but it must have been clear. I had notes of what I saw all over the folder, sheets of charts and Astro data listings. I was not quite as organized as I became later in my Trekking Journals.

Star Log/000826

Not very many folks at the event tonight.
Started off scanning Cygnus in Binoculars then the double Albireo
found the V formation of the Wild Duck-M11
Sloohed to the Planets Uranus-Neptune
M5, M57, M13, M15, moved to M8, M22, M54, M70, M69
Followed several shooting stars
noted the Milky Way stretched across the sky
followed several Satellites gliding across the horizon

We left only Carbon footsteps

Sunday, July 30, 2000

A Comet's Tale

Last night - A Summer night in Central Texas. From my notes, we set up at the end of road NW of the City. A site we used often in Y2K. A warm-clear night the Milky Way lit up the SW portion of our sky.

Star Log/000729

Found the coathanger- then scanned with the binoculars, Viewed the Planets Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. Found the Comet NEAR by Leo's tail.
Sloohed to M13, M71, looked at Antares and Albireo, M7, M6, M57, M8

It was a swinging door form Scorpius to Sagittarius and back again

Sunday, May 7, 2000

Seven Days in May

From my notes we set up at the end of the Road NW of the City as we did in Y2K.
Most of our viewing nights were once a month and Moonless.
Last night was another mucky hot summer night

Star Log/000506

Followed a satellite from south to north @ 60 degrees @ 19:50
Sighted in M32 at 20:00,
Followed another Satellite North to South, high 70 degrees @ 20:15
then to m52 @20:20
looked for M103, M76,- could not resolve
found M34 and M45
end of session

Friday, January 21, 2000

Moon shadows...Eclipse


Set up the scopes and the camcorder in the backyard. Started filming and observing around 9pm. The shadow had started and I follwed the terminator across the globe. Was an interesting night filled with the wonders of the Moon. Observed the last shadow leaving the rim around 11:30.